The Challenge 

On 7th March 2020, starting at Old Trafford, I am going to attempt to run thousands of miles around England and Wales. I aim to run consecutively to every single one of the 92 football grounds in all four divisions of the English football league system. Raising money for charity, I will be running in between every ground and travelling throughout most of the country unsupported and self funded with all my kit on my back. When moving between each of the grounds, I'll be using no other mode of transport but my two legs. As I run around the clubs of England and Wales, I'll eat and sleep wherever I can and begin the next day's run where I finished the last. I will be running between 50 and 100 miles a week and I have calculated a rough distance of 2,000 - 2,500 miles. I am hoping to finish the challenge inside six months.


Things Happen.

Manchester, UK

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