2 runs down.. just the beginning.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Its my return to the UK and I have began my training journey to run thousands of miles around the UK. As is always the case I became ill after my first run on Thursday 21st November. I tried to shake it off with a bike ride Friday but that seemed to make matters worse. So I decided to spend most of the weekend doing little exercise and motivated myself to get out in the rain this morning. A little calf burning but all in all happy to have gotten these two runs out of the way even if both were very slow. 2.75 on thursday and 3 miles today.

The plan now is not distance but consistency and recovery, I aim to work on a plan to bring myself to at least 40 miles a week before the beginning of my run in March which gives me roughly 16 weeks. Having thought about this plan for so long and being in a country where I could only run on a treadmill for 6 months it’s a huge relief for me to finally get out and get working both mentally and physically.

But now it’s time to really start working, there is some long and cold miles ahead before I get to where I need to and this is just the beginning.


Manchester, UK

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