First week done.

There has been so much going on this week I feel overloaded with information but I will try and get everything across the best I can. First of all: the opening day! Everything went to plan and once I got over the inevitable anxiety and nervousness, it was a great experience. Friends, family, runners and media gathered together to see me off on my first run. We were also joined by Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester. I was truly overwhelmed. It brought a great sense of achievement too see this idea - one I’d had in my head for so long - play out so perfectly and exactly as I’d hoped. This is especially satisfying when so many people are involved. Obviously, in the last week we’ve seen the Corona virus pandemic take over the planet and force the world into lockdown. But for me, it’s just another hurdle I need to overcome.

I’m building up a bit of momentum and my body is responding well. Google Maps has helped me a lot this week with navigation but I did have a slightly worrying moment running on a windy road with no pavement... As I discovered, Google Maps can tell you where you can walk but can’t tell you if those roads have pavements or not. In the first few days, I was given a nice welcome to “life on the road” by the typical British weather. I got soaked through as I ran through Greater Manchester’s clubs. So long as I don’t stand around in wet clothes for too long I can easily deal with this. And to be honest, I don’t mind running in the rain too much. In fact, dare I say it it, it almost spurs me on a bit...

The first week all went to plan with no real hiccups and I’m beginning to develop more confidence in my body with every ground I reach. I am doing absolutely everything I can to give myself a fighting chance: eating what I’m supposed to eat, stretching (a lot), hot baths, cold baths, etc.

Saturday - 4 miles: Old Trafford to Etihad

Monday - 6 miles: Etihad to Oldham

Tuesday - 8 miles: Oldham to Salford

Wednesday - 5.5 miles: Salford to Bolton

Thursday - 7.2 miles: Salford to Bolton

Saturday - 7 miles: Bolton to Wigan


Manchester, UK

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