Going into 2020

Christmas is done and, going into the New Year, my plan and training is still on track. 47 miles for the month of December which averages out at around 11.7 miles a week. 22 of those miles were done over the Christmas week between 22nd and 29th. A 22-mile week represents not only my strongest week to date but it was completed over a very tough period. I am proud of my running over the last couple of weeks. Running on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day for the first time in my life was proof to myself of my own dedication to the cause. That said, a short trip to Disney did keep me from running for the best part of a week. Although I did probably spend more time on my feet (chasing after my daughter) than I would have done at home, so I’ll take the positives from that. Looking ahead, I see no such distractions in January.

It’s time to shift up the gears and let go of the excuses as that tricky period in the run up to Christmas is behind me now. All the binge eating and drinking will begin to calm down even more as I start to focus on the task at hand. With every longer run, I grow in confidence but going into the New Year I will try and shift to running on a daily basis whilst steadily building mileage. The weather has been fairly kind through December and I am hoping there won’t be much worse conditions throughout January. Mileage is creeping up and excitement is building for the growing challenge ahead. The next two months will fly by as I begin to work on raising awareness for my challenge through the media. Going into the New Year, I plan to become much more focused on diet, recovery and building longer miles. Bring on 2020!

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