As training draws to a close I have begun to reflect. I’ve spoken enough about the journey I went through to get here, coming from never running a marathon to running my first two in a week and beginning to plan this challenge. But the training itself has been a journey, one filled with questions. This journey began with me questioning my physical ability to achieve this and evolved to me contemplating what logistical problems I will face in doing so. It has seemed like every week something else has come up which I need to worry about. But every week I’ve gotten past it and worked out a way to get things done. And this gives me nothing but encouragement. I know I will face problems, I know this will be the hardest thing I’m ever going to do. But I also know I possess the will power and determination to get through those problems as they arise. You can prepare for every eventuality but you never really know what obstacles you will face and that fills me with excitement, because with every challenge I overcome I grow and will grow that little bit more. The challenge and the adventure is what draws me in even more, nothing worth doing is ever easy and I believe I have prepared as best I can without overdoing myself and I am confident I can get this done. And with that comes a certain amount of relief: I have gotten training out of the way and I feel step one is done. It’s been three tough months and I have run more than I’ve ever run in my life. Also, it’s worth remembering that thinking about doing something is always much more scary than actually doing it so I’m itching to get out there now and get moving.

We live in a world where we have the tools at our disposal to anticipate everything in advance, consider the best routes, evaluate the routes taken by others and choose the easiest way to do things. But what about the road less travelled? What about the things nobody has done? That is where the real experience comes. Some people travel half way around the world to step into unchartered territory or discover things previously undiscovered. However, in reality, the biggest adventures are right on our doorstep but lie way outside of our comfort zone.

My mindset to get up, get out and get running has gradually been forged over the last four to six weeks. I have turned running into my life now and that is exactly what I needed to do. But I found a good balance of not taking speed and times too seriously. There’s nothing exceptional about me. I enjoy a beer, a kebab and watching the football at the weekend and have never been an especially serious runner. Running was just something I enjoyed and which helped to clear my mind. And that’s what makes this all the more special. I have come to terms with the fact I am not going to run this in at any great speed. And the hardest thing now is knowing that I need to rest my body. I have to understand that I cannot run as much as I want to over the next couple of weeks before the start. This is difficult for me as running has become my medicine. I worked out I had been running with way too much weight. I packed my bag with what I thought I would need for the challenge and it is much lighter than the weight with which I’ve been running. This came as a massive bonus and a weight off my back and mind!


I know I can get the mileage done so I’m focusing more on the weight now.

33 miles

11th- 5 miles

12th- 8 miles

14th - 3 miles

16th - 5 miles

17th- 4 miles

18th- 8 miles

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Manchester, UK

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