Training & Takeaways

I can’t deny my love of food. After a couple of weeks’ indulging in lots of beer, takeaways and other foods that I’ve missed whilst I’ve been away, it’s time to get serious about nutrition.

I want to be in some sort of decent shape by March. I’m cutting out the alcohol and bad food completely In the run up to Christmas. As we all know, this is probably the hardest time to do it, but I can’t waste an important training month scoffing on mince pies and mulled wine.

Running, recovery and cross training.

Despite the terrible diet, I’ve managed to drag myself out three times this week in six days with a couple of days rest in between. I’m planning to minimise recovery times as I go on but for now it’s just least that’s what my Garmin says!

Monday - 3 miles

Thursday - 3.5 miles followed by some light yoga, foam rolling and 40 minutes good stretching, of which I felt the benefit on Friday.

Friday - I had planned to rest but the guilt got the better of me after devouring the 2,000 calorie ‘Big Daddy Breakfast’ pictured above (in my defence, it was free from Morrison’s on Black Friday: how could I resist?). To try and curtail the negative effects of the monster breakfast, I went out and did five light miles on the bike to get some cross training in and keep the legs moving.

Saturday- 3 miles

Training plan

This week was a planned 9-mile running week to start me off and I did 9.5 in total: so far so good!

I’m under no illusions that it’s still very early days and I will need to push on and ramp up the mileage gradually. I’ll also need to incorporate more stretching, yoga, foam rolling and ice baths into my

recovery as I go on.


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