Week 2. Coronavirus delay.

Its week 2 and this virus has literally taken over the world and although I’m still running it has affected me too. It’s hard to get around the fact half the world is shut down and the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety amongst the general public is higher than ever.

This blog comes at the end of a week in which I’ve decided to put my challenge on hold. But rather than letting this problem affect me I will flip it and turn it into a positive. I will be out every day running and posting positive things to try and keep spirits high and put out the right energy. I think that’s one of the most important things: leave the information to the experts and concentrate on what we can do. We all just have to do what we can and what we’re asked to and to try and get on the best we can. I’ve seen a few posts comparing this to war time and it really does put things into perspective. Our great grandparents were called to war, all men who could fight were enlisted, children were sent away with parents not knowing if they would see them again. Men were literally being sent to die and our own cities were getting bombed. This is a crisis but all we are being asked to do up to the time of writing this is ‘social distancing’. I’m sure we can manage it. And, even if we go into lockdown, Italy is an example of how we don’t need to panic buy, just buy what you need and sit this out for a few months and it will pass.

At this time, it is more important than ever to keep our brains active. Whilst working at home all day, we need to exercise. This does not necessarily mean leaving the house. But it’s vitally important to do something other than staring at the news and worrying. We are being fed so much information and the only time I forget about this virus is when I’m running for a few hours a day! And it’s doing me the world of good.

But that’s enough about that, The running has been tough this week with a heavier bag. I’ve slowed the pace but I’m confidently building up my mileage for when this challenge resumes. I can’t afford to be complacent: I’m not letting myself just ‘have a pizza’ or ‘just one beer’ for a few weeks. Instead, I’m trying to condition my body and give it what it needs to work well. I’m putting it through an awful lot of damage at the moment and I have to treat it like a machine. As a former mechanic, I see it like looking after a vehicle. And I know that through regular maintenance and doing all the right things, it will last longer. I’m eating 3 large meals a day now with more and more stretching and my plan - when I get going again - is to dump the non-necessities out of my bag as I go.

This week’s running

Tuesday - Wigan- Carr mill

Wednesday- Carr mill- Croxteth

Thursday- Croxteth- Everton-Liverpool-Tranmere.

Friday- Tranmere-Ellesmere Port

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